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We work really hard to make sure our Clients get the best talent, every time, especially as our innovative commercial terms will be directly linked to their outcomes. We are therefore motivated only to find them the people who will be most successful in the role and loyal to their organisation.

Once we have helped our Clients attract the best talent, we are here to help retain them by offering expert help in what we call Talent Life cycle Management. This is a framework designed to work with any employee during every stage of their career and to help our Clients reduce their staff attrition.

If you’re a candidate (permanent or contractor) considering a move, are actively looking at your career options or simply curious about why you should work with TLC, please get in contact to find out for yourself. We believe our candidate experience is unique in many ways and plays a critical part in how we differentiate ourselves.


We work with talent from the Software and Information Technology Services, Business Process Services and Management Consultancy sectors, with a proven track record in Cloud Service Providers, Platform and complex engineering services, Systems Integrators, Agile Application Developers, IT Outsourcers, Telecoms, Data Management, Software and Hardware vendors. Whether you need permanent or contractor resources, we represent the experts you are looking for.


Digital is at the heart of business strategy and represents some of the most innovative and market leading career opportunities. By virtue of the depth and breadth of our knowledge, and our understanding of the digital market place in all its nuances, we have supported some of the world’s most desirable agencies, innovative start-ups & leading technology firms. Our passionate and expert specialists work across a broad spectrum of industry disciplines including Digital Media, Marketing, Technology & Analytics.


We work with leading Financial Technology providers of innovative products and services that are changing the way we spend, use and make money. From commodity trading apps to fintech consultancies, blockchain integrators to cryptocurrency providers, hedge funds to challenger banks, we specialise in putting together the people responsible for safeguarding the future of our financial markets.


Every employee should consider themselves a 'seller', irrelevant of job title, as everyone at some point in time will be representing their company in front of a client, prospect or supplier. However the specific skills around communication, listening, negotiating, resilience, qualification, forecasting, creativity and innovation require a certain type of person. Which is why we specialise in representing experienced Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Alliances, Marketing and Sales Management talent across the sectors we focus in.


Once we have helped our Clients attract the best talent we then want to help them retain them. At TLC we have developed a framework of expert services that we call Talent Lifecycle Management. Data from most exit interviews suggest that the top 2 reasons for an employee leaving a company is (1) poor management and (2) a lack of development and progression.


This framework is designed to help our Clients address these and many other issues to ultimately reduce their attrition rate. It reflects every stage of an employee’s journey throughout their career and the expert support and assistance TLC can provide each Client at the most appropriate point in time for any employee or group of employee’s. The framework is split into seven stages and can be implemented as individual modules or collectively:


how to ensure every new employee is productive as soon as possible and assimilated into the company culture


specific skills training to ensure each employee has the knowledge and expertise to do their job to the best of their ability or to prepare them for role progression


helping to develop capabilities using the benefit of other peoples’ experience and give insight into their emotional intelligence (EQ)


classic psychometric, personality and other readiness assessments, applicable during the interview process and also very valuable when used as part of a retention strategy


a great individual contributor does not mean they will become a great manager, so what new skills and competencies do they need to develop to make this critical transition


specific initiatives to help attract and retain ‘millenials’ including assessments, training and career planning


helping our clients build an employee value proposition to align their vision and values to the reality i.e. what is the first hand experience of each employee and does this reflect the companies intent? If writing a review on Glassdoor, how would you like your employee’s to describe working at your company

Contact us below if you would like to know more about our talent lifecycle management framework

We are here to help. Email us or call 0208 825 5021