How to improve wellbeing when sat at a desk all day | The TLC Group
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How to improve wellbeing when sat at a desk all day

How to improve wellbeing when sat at a desk all day

The human body is not designed to sit down all day. In order to sustain a healthy work life balance there are small changes that can be applied daily. By introducing mentally stimulating practices you could have more personal connections with co-workers leading to better work ethic and stronger results. And remember to stretch!

Things to do at work:

Stand Tall! – Studies show standing while writing emails and taking calls can improve circulation, even if it is only for a few minutes. In many places of study they now have higher desks without chairs for those who want to work in this way.

Walk and talk – Ever heard of walking meetings? These walking meetings will boost collaboration and creativity in the work place. Ironically leaving your desk can actually boost this level of productivity by increasing employee health and energy.

Keep it moving – Going straight back to your desk after work can make blood sugar levels spike and cause headaches and fatigue. Try having an extra 5 minutes to walk it off.

Always take the stairs! – If you work on the top floor maybe take the elevator up to a floor a few below yours and walk from there. But there will be a significant benefit to your day as the endorphins released from this micro exercise will get the ideas flowing.


Things to do out of work:

Turn off the TV – Blue light emitted from our screens can affect our head-space, the same goes for using your phone late at night. Sure binging your favourite TV show after a long day feels like just what you need, but most of the time at least 5 hours of your working day has been spent in front of a computer. So turn it off and read a book!

Hit the hay – Sometimes getting an early night can be the nice reset button that you need – especially after a long or bad day at work. Avoid any type of exercise other than some stretches as doing 200 sit ups will definitely wake up your brain which will cause you to lay there wide awake. One good night’s sleep can benefit the entire week.

Multitask meal prep – It can be tempting to order a pizza and fall on the couch for the evening. Instead cook a big meal and separate it into smaller portions. This will save time as the nights you would have spent cooking your lunch will be freed up for other household things you may have been neglecting. Plus you’ll be eating better!

Do something active after work – Pack your gym bag and get going. Even a walk around the block will help you get more energy. Just doing small amounts of exercise will help in the long run. This active time will separate the groggy feeling from a commute and give you more energy when you get home to work on pet projects