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Confidence Coaching & Communication Training

Confidence Coaching & Communication Training



We help you gain self confidence and self awareness, allowing you to progress in both your career and personal life. We offer a unique blend of coaching with practical training, in order to provide a holistic approach to building all round personal confidence and effective communication skills. This isn’t off the shelf, generic development but highly personalised and shaped around your requirements, taking into consideration mind-set, voice and body language. Sessions can be held face-to-face or over Skype.



Interview/Presentation ‘Polish’ Session – 2 hours (face-to-face or Skype) – £230

3 hour Skills Programme – 3 x 1 hour sessions (face-to-face or Skype) – £330

6 hour Coaching &Skills Programme – 6 x 1 hour sessions (face-to-face or Skype) – £600

10 hour Coaching & Skills Programme – 10 x 1 hour sessions (face-to-face or Skype) – £890


All programmes are bespoke, and are built around what you wish to achieve. After an initial 10-minute chat to connect and answer any questions, we will schedule a follow up call to talk through your aims. I will then recommend next steps to suit your needs and shape a bespoke set of sessions to support you in achieving your goals.



I spent the first 15 years of my career training and working as a professional actor. I received my BA Hons in Drama from the University of Exeter, followed by professional acting training at the New York Film Academy and the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.


In 2015, I began teaching public speaking and interview technique. My acting training provided me with the skills to understand the messages we send to others by the way we use our bodies. We make a judgement about someone within 0.25 seconds of seeing them, so understanding what your physicality says to someone else is an extremely powerful tool. Similarly, our voices are exceptionally influential on how others perceive us, from the pitch and tone, to our dialect. I am phonetically trained and teach dialect and accent reduction privately and at the Bristol Acting Academy, helping those who wish to speak with more power, control and clarity.


After working in this field for a couple of years, I found that although I could give my clients the tools to sound and look confident, this would never truly deal with any underlying lack of self-belief. So I completed a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with the Coaching Academy, which gave me the skills to help my clients identify what their fears and barriers were and take steps to overcome them.

Everyone is unique, and I therefore use a range of techniques within my sessions, and these will depend upon what you want to achieve. My approach is very much centred around empowering you to be open to exploring new ideas and techniques in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment.




When I first started working with her I was already an experienced marketer and strategist used to business-critical public speaking.  I wanted to further develop my ability to clearly communicate complex ideas confidently and find better ways to really engage audiences, large and small. Over the last 12 months, she has patiently worked with me to build my confidence and self-belief further, giving me professional and emotional support along the way, through good days and harder ones too.

She’s already taught me an array of physical tactics, along with vocal and language skills that have clearly made me better at pitching and public speaking already. Just as importantly the experience is making genuine communication with other people in a personal setting much easier and more enjoyable too.  Kind and considerate, she is a pleasure to work with even when she’s pushing me gently past my comfort zone and into more challenging territory.


  • Simon


Originally from Nigeria, having spent some time living in the USA and now living in the UK, my accent was all over the place. I sought out help because as a business owner hosting events which involved public speaking, I wanted to ensure that my audience would focus on what I was saying and not how I was saying it. With this help I learned to speak clearly and confidently, enunciating and dropping unwanted accents. Since working with her, I have noticed that people no longer ask where my accent is from within 10 minutes of meeting them. My ‘all over the shop’ accent used to distract people from what I was saying, but not anymore.

This service was completely tailored to my needs. Half way through my coaching, I had made remarkable progress on some areas, so she revised the programme to focus on the areas I found challenging. It was a bespoke service at an affordable price. An unexpected added value I gained from working with her was the work we did on “tone”. This was something I didn’t know I needed to work on until she highlighted its benefits for my event speeches. She is an experienced teacher who knows her stuff, she’s incredibly patient and has a great attitude. It was a real pleasure working with her. I’d recommend her.


  • Kiki


I am a native Polish speaker, and have been learning English as my second language. I am confident in the use of English, however since a young age I had a strong pattern of speaking very fast. As my career progressed I have started recognising that I need to make some changes. I wanted to work on improving my speaking skills, as this would have opened the door to new opportunities, plus bring massive personal satisfaction. But of course, no one said it would be easy – If you speak in a certain way for so many years, breaking a bad habit can be a challenge. And this is exactly why I work on.

Since working together I have been truly pleased with the level of her skills, and how much I have learnt and improved already. She really creates a solid foundation for you to feel confident in yourself. On a personal level, she is a wonderful person to be around. Her positive energy is contagious, and I always feel very uplifted and motivated after our sessions. I began with 6 sessions, but have extended for another 12 in order to develop my speaking skills even further. I can truly recommend her. She knows what she is doing! It is a truly good self-investment to work with her.


  • Ewa