AI- Is our enthusiasm putting our own security at risk? | The TLC Group
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AI- Is our enthusiasm putting our own security at risk?

AI- Is our enthusiasm putting our own security at risk?

There are many benefits to AI. It is a loose term that directly involves the building of intelligent machines, but it goes much further.

When AI and Cloud combine it creates an incredible database. It’s a system of analysis that overall has a positive impact on the way an organisation works. Once seen as experimental, it is now considered necessary if a company wants to improve its competitive advantage. Instead of building their own infrastructure, a company can tap into the technology they need when they need it, and only pay for what they have used. It does all this, with minimum risk and a low cost. Companies must be careful to look at the quality of the data and not just the volume.

The more experience an organisation has with AI the more comfortable they are with it. By making better decisions it frees up workers to be creative. In the meantime they can focus on human judgement in areas that need it the most. AI systems will work as planned but a sales team must be prepared to accept its recommendations. It is about building trust between the human touch and the analysed data. It is important to note that in order for it to be successful it must go hand in hand with talent and not become a new surge of technology. The excitement must balance with the potential.

Using deep learning, products and services are better. Your face is now a password – with facial recognition technology. Computer vision technology drives driverless cars. There are benefits to this that expels human error in an often dangerous mode of transport. Deep learning takes what is impossible for humans to interpret and does so perfectly.

More and more companies are seeing this positivity and thus choosing to invest in AI technologies. It has the ability to make informed decisions based on patterns. This includes; detecting crime, shopping patterns, analysing credit and even go as far as to assigning punishments in certain organisations. Netflix said that customers will spend 90 seconds searching for a film before giving up. By using AI and creating a more personal approach based on previous selections they are able to keep their revenue from dropping. In sales it enhances products. It is common now for ads to show up in a social media setting advertising the exact product that was recently browsed. It reminds the consumer about items still in their basket- and on Ebay what is still on their watch list. This is also one of the many ways in which AI feels invasive no matter how much it transforms customer support. AI should always be beneficial but what happens if it goes about reaching a positive end goal in a destructive way? What is the future of cybersecurity with AI? Does it have the ability to reach past what it already does, putting us at risk? There is always the risk that hackers could reverse the model itself. Executives are concerned about the cybersecurity of AI systems. Companies must be prepared to deal with the setbacks too. Dangers aside it is currently one of the most invested in technologies. Something worth investing more into? Or will the risks soon outweigh the benefits?